Forceful Feelings” is the first mobile professional Armenian ballet company! It was founded by a group of young principal male dancers working in professional ballet companies. Going way back, their family members had shared many dance experiences in ballet school and they still share such experiences in different places. Due to the strong connections between their families, they are still very close friends.

After many years of experience in Europe, they are still dreaming of giving something back to their native country…

In 2006 they started their own project. This was the time when “Forceful Feelings” was founded. The project is about sharing their great experience with Armenian audiences, artists, teachers, ballet students and, of course, their families. Making a better future for the next generation is the most important goal of “Forceful Feelings”. Already, many talented young Armenian dancers have followed them and even younger ones are looking forward to a better future.

«The search for experience and skill is a very important thing. Therefore they need a creative mind to understand the feelings and joys of ballet. To make this possible for talented young Armenian dancers, there is a need to exchange the teachers for certain periods of times, to organize more performances with a classical and modern repertoire of world-famous choreographers, the renovation of the ballet school and so on…» Forceful Feelings

While the dancers of “Forceful Feelings” are working with world-famous choreographers, they are coming up with better ideas and inspirations to connect their present world with their native country.

Winning many prizes and nominations for important awards, they are still working to give the world high quality dance.